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The Best of Patagonia



Day 1 Ushuaia

Transfer to the airport to get the flight to Ushuaia . Arrive. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation .
In the afternoon hald day excursion to National Park.

Located at 11 km. to the west away from Ushuaia, it is the only national park of our country that possesses marine cost (Beagle Channel), forests of “Lengas”, “Ñires” and others, rivers, lakes and many beautiful views of the channel. Through paths of varying longitude, you will enjoy the nature sighting several species of the local fauna.

Day 2 Ushuaia

After breakfast Full day excursion to Lago Escondido and Fagnano.

Combined excursion 4×4 and Canoing in lake Escondido + roasted Duration: Full Day Hours of canoing: 1 1/2 hs Development: Off Road 4×4/Canotaje Departure from the Hotel in the morning course to the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano. The Route N° 3 crosses part of the Fueguina Mountain range and it allows us to access to the Paso Garibaldi, panoramic point that allows to see our objectives, the lakes Escondido and Fagnano. We begin the reduction and we turn aside of route 3 by old tracks of woodcutters, the Land Rover allows us to arrive at places where impossible , forests, mud, stones, the Fagnano Lake surprises with its dimensions and their incredible landscape. The amused fording by the coast of the lake culminates with a rich one roasted to borders of the Fagnano, while the food is prepared we made a long walk by the zone. After having lunch and recovering energies the continuous adventure in the Lake Escondido, of smaller dimensions but surrounded by incomparable natural frame. We prepared the canoes, and to row! The view from the water surprises us and one hourseparates us of the Hostería Petrel, located to borders of the lake, where navigation culminates. A stop in hostería to eat something, warm up and return to Ushuaia.

Day 3 Ushuaia

Breakfast. In the morning navigation to Isla de los Lobos.

Approximate duration: 2:30 hs. Beginning tour in the Tourist Port “Don Eduardo Arturo Brisighelli”, of our city, throughout the coast of Ushuaia, has a Vista of the most important buildings, Marine Museum (old military prison), Museum of the Aim of the World, industrial area, installed in 1980, etc. From this point, the landscape is a combination of sea and mountains, and the Steep Olivia mounts, 5 Hermanos, Estancia Fique and the Encajonado River can be seen. From there, tour goes to the center of the Beagle Channel, towards the southwest, arriving to the Light Them Eclaireurs, in the archipelago of the same name. In one of these islands it is possible to observe parts of the boat Cervantes Mount, which was shipwrecked in 1930. In direction towards the Island of the wolves, it is possible to be enjoyed the Vista of the games of these peculiar ones and likeable marine mammals and in complete silence to sail around the island during about 20 minutes observing its permanent habitat, it is a wonderful scene. Soon the catamaran will go towards the Island of the Birds to see the Cormoranes Magallánicos and the Imperial majesty of the Cormoranes, the Giant Albatrosses, Petreles Fullman, Petreles, Squas and 20 species different from marine birds. Later, sailing through Small Step, the return to Ushuaia, with a Vista of the beautiful frame that gives to the city Monte him Martial and its glacier of the same name.

Day4 Ushuaia

Ttransfer to the airport to get the flight to Buenos Aires.