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DAY 1: Buenos Aires – Puerto Iguazú

  • Flight to Iguazú.
  • Overnight at the hotel in Puerto Iguazú.

DAY 2: Puerto Iguazú

  • After breakfast – exploration of the National Park at Argentinian side of waterfalls.
  • Ecological train to the Throat of the Devil. Gran aventura excursion (Optional. This excursion includes a boat to  approach to the falls)
  • The tour leaves from the hotel to visit the Argentinean side of the Iguazú Falls, 67.000 hectares long, located within Iguazú National Park, one of the first protected areas of America. They are made up of 275  falls thundering down from a 70 meter average height. In this section of the rainforest, a huge variety of ferns, orchids, begonias, birds and butterflies can be seen while walking plus the diversity of native species this Park has to offer. We are on our way to Estación Central, where we will take a train to Estación Cataratas and/or Estación Garganta del Diablo. Another way of reaching the Cataratas Upper and Lower Circuits is through the pedestrian trail Sendero Verde, 600 mts long, which starts at the Visitor Center and ends in Estación Cataratas.
  • – Upper Circuit: 800 mts trail raised above the ground surface, so as not to block or scare away our local fauna as they go by. In this circuit, the waterfalls from the upper part of Dos Hermanas, Bosetti, Bernabé Méndez, M’Bigua among other waterfalls, can be observed. Duration of the tour: (1) hour. Degree of difficulty: low, no stairs. – Lower Circuit: 1600 meters trail walk, above the ground surface, with a view from the bottom of Dos  Hermanas, Alvar Nuñez, San Martín, Bosetti and Peñon of Bella Vista waterfalls; from Peñon we get a view of Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge) and Cañón del Rio Iguazú inferior. Duration: two (2) hours. Degree of difficulty: moderate, with stairs. From this circuit, we have an optional visit to ‘Isla San Martín’ and boarding the Great  Aventure Tour. – Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge): Leaving from Estación Cataratas the train will take us  in 18 minutes to Estación Garganta. As we walk along the 1200 meter trail, we enjoy the most spectacular fall: Devil’s Gorge. Duration: two (2) hours. Degree of difficulty: low, no stairs. Lunch is not included.
  • Duration: full day Season: all year long
    Departures: daily
    Schedule: 8 am

DAY 3: Puerto Iguazú

  • Breakfast. Half day visit to the falls In the National Park at Brazilian side.
  • We depart from the Hotel and cross The International Bridge ‘Tancredo Neves’ (Puente de la Fraternidad) that joins the cities of Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Foz do Iguazú (Brazil). Here, at the crossing of borders, we have go through the Customs at both sides of the bridge. The Iguazú National Park (on the Brazilian side) is 185.000 hectares long. As we get to the ‘Visitor Center’ we have to enter the Gates individually to check the loading capacity of the Park. We immediately get into the buses that tour along within the park and take us to the 1200 trail over the ‘Iguazú River’. At this point, we get a panoramic view of the Argentinean falls, ideal to take pictures. As we go on, we can see ‘Cañon del Río Iguazú’, Salto Rivadavia and Tres Mosqueteros. Towards the end of the tour, we will get to Devil’s Gorge lower viewpoint, 200 mts away. This beautiful scenery is enhanced by permanent rainbows. The tour ends at ‘Salto Floriano’ where an elevator takes us to the bus parking. The other option is to walk the path and up the stairs to the meeting point. Return to the hotel.

DAY 4: Iguazu – Salta

  • Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Salta,Upon arrival at Salta Airport we transfer to our hotel. In the afternoon, we commence our sightseeing in Salta with a city tour. In Salta the Spanish influence is best preserved of all cities in Argentina. We enjoy its elegance that testifies the sumptuous past still alive in the large old houses, courtyards and squares. Our aim is to visit the Cathedral, the San Francisco Church and San Bernardo Hill, where magnificent views of the city are gained before returning to our hotel.
  • Tonight we enjoy dinner at local restaurant.

DÍA 5: Full day tour to Cafayate and the surrounding area

  • After breakfast we get an early start on our full day excursion to Cafayate, a beautiful village in the heart of the Calchaquí Valley. Enroute we pass by Las Conchas River Gorge (also known as Cafayate Gorge) with its amazing stone formations eroded by the carving action of wind and time. After lunch in Cafayate we visit a local winery and there is an optional visit to the Indian Art Museum.
  • Return to Salta.

DAY 6: Full day tour to San Antonio de los Cobres, Sainas Grandes and Purmamarca

  • Today is another busy, but equally rewarding day, as we again start early to drive to San Antonio de los Cobres , then to Salina Grandes  to  end in Purmamarca.

DAY 7: Quebrada de Humahuaca

  • Breakfast and visit the World Heritage listed Quebrada de Humahuaca, otherwise know as the Humahuaca Gorge. This stunning gorge and the surrounding hillsides which follow the Rio Grande are a blend of glorious colours as if taken directly from an artists palette. Enroute to Humahuaca we drive via Jujuy the capital of the province and pass via Purmamarca, set beneath the “Hill of Seven Colours”, and Tilcara, home to the Archaeological Museum and the old Indian Fortress called ‘Pucará de Tilcara’. This dramatic journey finally arrives in Humahuaca, where we take lunch and visit the Northern Carnival Museum and the Handicraft Fair. Humahuaca is only about 150km from Bolivia and this region is a stark contrast from the rest of Argentina. The area is inhabited by many Quechua Indians and the area in some respects resembles Peru orBolivia. After a satisfying day we return to Salta and our hotel.

DAY 8: Salta

  • After breakfast transfer to the airport  to return to Buenos Aires,

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