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DAY 1: Buenos Aires - Puerto Madryn

  • Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Trelew .
  • Transfer to the hotel in Puerto Madryn. Accomodation .

DAY 2: Puerto Madryn – Península de Valdes.

  • After breakfast  full day to visit Península de Valdes. Navigation to watch the whales included.
  • We leave early in the morning to Puerto Pirámides. After one hour of trip, we stop to go on board and see whales. From May to December boardings are made to see whales and from December to March to see marine wolves, cormorans, and possibly dark dolphins. After the boarding, we went towards the south of the Peninsula, passing by the Salt mines. We arrive at Punta Delgada  We lower by cliffs to walk next to the marine elephants. Soon we start off for Punta Cantor to observe the external coast of the peninsula and arrive to the beginning of the Valdés Creek. We interprete the formation geologic of the coast and we return to the Ameghino Isthmus. On the way we have a good probability of observing terrestrial wild fauna, like guanacos, choiques, foxes, maras, piches, zorrinos, etc. We returned to the city of Puerto Madryn at dusk.
    Approximate time: 11 hours.
    Route: 400 km approx. (half asphalted).

DAY 3: Puerto Madryn – Punta Tombo

  • After breakfast – Full day excursion visiting Punta Tombo
  • The regular excursion includes the visit to the colony of Punta Tombo, the port of Rawson, where the passengers will be able to make the seeing of Toninas Overas (very recommended), Gaiman to have the Welsh tea, City tour by Trelew and optional visits to the Paleontological Museum. In the reserve there are, toilets and a confectionery. The visit to Trelew is limited to a short route by the city, going through the center, historical seat and other points of historical-cultural interest. Greater the attractions constitute the paleontological museum Egidio Feruglio. In Gaiman the villa is crossed to recognize the more excellent historical points, the guides explain the history of the colonization and the typical architectonic styles of the colony. The most traditional point constitute the visit to a tea house to have the Welsh tea. In Rawson Port the possibility exists of embarking to sight the small overas toninas, which always move in group. We returned to the city of Puerto Madryn at dusk.
    Considered time: 11 hours.
    Route: 400 km approx (120 km asphalted).

DAY 4: Puerto Madryn – Ushuaia

  • After breakfast transfer to the airport to get the  flight to Ushuaia . Arrive. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation .
  • In the afternoon  half day excursion to National Park
  • Located at 11 km. to the west away from Ushuaia, it is the only national park of our country that possesses marine cost (Beagle Channel), forests of “Lengas”, “Ñires” and others, rivers, lakes and many beautiful views of the channel. Through paths of varying longitude, you will enjoy the nature sighting several species of the local fauna

DAY 5: Ushuaia

  • After breakfast  Full day excursion to Lago Escondido and Fagnano .
  • Combined excursion 4×4 and Canoing in lake Escondido + roasted
    Duration: Full Day
    Hours of canoing: 1 1/2 hs
    Development: Off Road 4×4/Canotaje
  • Departure from the Hotel in the morning course to the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano. The Route N° 3 crosses part of the Fueguina Mountain range and it allows us to access to the Paso Garibaldi, panoramic point that allows to see our objectives, the lakes Escondido and Fagnano. We begin the reduction and we turn aside of route 3 by old tracks of woodcutters, the Land Rover allows us to arrive at places where impossible , forests, mud, stones, the Fagnano Lake surprises with its dimensions and their incredible landscape. The amused fording by the coast of the lake culminates with a rich one roasted to borders of the Fagnano, while the food is prepared we made a long walk by the zone. After having lunch and recovering energies the continuous adventure in the Lake Escondido, of smaller dimensions but surrounded by incomparable natural frame. We prepared the canoes, and to row! The view from the water surprises us and one hourseparates us of the Hostería Petrel, located to borders of the lake, where navigation culminates. A stop in hostería to eat something, warm up and return to Ushuaia.

DAY 6: Ushuaia - Calafate

  • Breakfast. In the morning  navigation to Isla de los Lobos and Penguins
  • The Catamaran departs from the touristic pier with Southeastern direction, sailing first in the Ushuaia Bay and with the frame of the capital of Tierra del Fuego to our backs. Already in the middle of the Beagle Channel, we will be with the archipelago where the Alicia is inhabited by an important colony of imperial cormorants. During the tour we will have the opportunity to observe the majestic Black Eyebrow Albatross, as well as Scuas and different kind of gulls, without forgetting the funny steamer ducks or Alakush.
    Our navigation continues and we now went to the area of the Les Eclaireurs Archipelago. Here we visit the Seal ‘s Island to watch the two species of sea lions, typical of the channel (one and two hairs). On another islands a lighthouse was built and it has the same name as teh archipelago. It was indeed in this zone where Cruise Mte. Cervantes to sank in 1930.
    Towards the east we will sail to Almanza Port (Argentina) and Port in front of Williams Port (Chile) to enter later in the area of the Mackinlay Pass to go directly to the Martillo Island to watch the elegant magellanic penguins.
  • In this excursion we visit Remolino “Estancia”, in whose coast it lies the hull of the cargo vessel and passengers Mte. Sarmiento. The old main house of this “estancia” was refaced, and in one of their rooms the history and recovered objects of this shipwreck are exhibited.
  • Duration :8:30 hs to 1530 hs

DAY 7: Ushuaia - Calafate

  • Breakfast .
  • Transfer to the  airport  to get the flight to Calafate.
  • Arrive and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation

DAY 8: Calafate

  • Breakfast. Full day to Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Starting off from the Calafate 80 km of debris route are crossed to arriving at the zone of footbridges (wood passages and balconies) from where we enjoy diverse panoramic views of the Glacier. In order to have lunch you can choose between a menu á la carte at a restaurant near the footbridges, sandwich in a bar near the glacier or a pic-NIC or you can take your own food.

DAY 9: Calafate

  • Breakfast . Full Day Navigation to Estancia Crisitna.
  • Upsala Glacier + Estancia Cristina +4×4 Upsala Viewpoint + Museum

• Boarding and departure at port Punta Bandera (NPC) 08.15 hours in our modern and comfortable boat.
• Sailing among icebergs and stunning scenery overlooking the western front of the Upsala glacier and then through Cristina Canal to the point of disembark at the Estancia.
• Arrival Estancia Cristina 11:30 hs.
• Stay at the Estancia for 6 hours.
• Guided visit to the Costumbrista museum (old shearing shed).
• Ascent in all-terrain vehicles, travelling 9.5 km through mountainous roads.
• Arrival to the Continental ice shelter.
• 30 minute walk.
• Visit the oriental front of Upsala Glacier. Lake Guillermo, Southern Patagonian Ice and Andes.
• Return to the farm house of the Estancia and board at 17:30 hs. Arrival to Puerto Banderas at 19: hs approximately.

DAY 10: Calafate - Buenos Aires

  • Breakfast .
  • Transfer to the airport to return to Buenos Aires .

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